JoinTable ‘Mini’

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Mini rolling tray with magnetic system - made from ash wood

Grinder/crusher sockets: 40 mm; 50 mm; 63 mm
carbon filter sockets: Standard & Slim
magnetic sockets for papers, tips, lighter & mixing bowl
sockets for small stash jar
includes the jar, ceramic bowl, pack of tips & papers, magnetic counter pieces, tamper, 5 carbon filters and an organic cotton bag.

JoinTable Mini

proudly made by JoinTable

Our Mini is the perfect rolling tray for stylish herb lovers, uniting design and functionality in a reduced-to-essentials version without any nick-nack.

By its magnetic system, firmly holding everything in place, and our love for every detail it contrasts with the alternatives.

Playfully providing all that’s needed, e.g. the rolling paper recess, it brings a smile to every master-builder’s face.

Its specialty is bringing easy order into chaotic rounds with tables full of scattered construction material were the rolling process is only half the fun anymore.

With everything at its place and ready for you to use whenever wanted, this is were the Mini comes into play.

Try it out and soon you ain’t gonna want no other one no more!


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Measurements: 23x15x2cm


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  • rolling tray ‘Mini’
  • small jar
  • ceramic bowl
  • pack of tips
  • pack of papers
  • magnetic counter pieces
  • stodger
  • 5 carbon filters
  • organic cotton bag