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Your new rolling support made from finest all-natural wood.

You choose between dark coffee-coloured walnut and reddish brown cherry wood.

Two perfectly crafted pieces slide together, forming the SCHMAUCH®ROLL-X.

Including a pack of SCHMAUCH®PAPES.

the ROLL-X

Step up your doobie game with this high quality gadget made from 4mm thick solid wood of your choice.

Thanks to laser cut pressure springs the two parts always slide together just perfectly, giving your rolling paper the bed it deserves.

The integrated stodger measures 4x4mm, making it suitable for every doobie from sticky spliffs to smaller moon rockets.

A pack of SCHMAUCH®PAPES made from hemp paper is including - you can light it up right away!


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  • 100x45x4mm - perfect for every pocket

what’s included?

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  • ROLL-X in two parts
  • pack of 32 SCHMAUCH®PAPES made from hemp