BIG SAUBI pipe - bowl

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Pipe Bowl for the BIG SAUBI.

Turn your Saubi into a carbon filtered pipe in one single movement!

Haven’t got a BIG SAUBI yet?
Here you’ll find the complete BIG SAUBI Pipe in a reduced bundle.

designed & crafted in cooperation with JoinTable (checkout the shop:!)

the BIG SAUBI Pipe

As simple as ingenious, the ultimate extension:

We proudly introduce the BIG SAUBI Pipe.

In one single, easy movement the small pipe bowl is plugged onto your Sauberschmauch, thus turning your cigarette tip into a carbon filtered pipe.

With it’s brass burning chamber it passes for near indestructiblely and will accompany you for many great moments.
You can freely choose between 10 and 12mm chamber’s diameter.

Taking off the bowl will give you easy cleaning access from both sides plus having the Sauberschmauch itself ready to take in the next herb cigarette.

The perfect companion for every day, fitting into every pocket, designed to be as multifunctional as possbile.
Could it even be better?

The Saubi Pipe Bowl gets delivered in a hand stamped bag made of organic cotton, including two extra pipe screens, a brass cleaning tool and enough space for your Saubi and your favorite herbs.

Ordering the full bundle, you'll also receive a fully equipped BIG SAUBI, featuring four extra filters.



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  • bowl: 25x25x45mm
  • chamber diameter: 10mm & 12mm (for 10/12mms screens)

what’s included?

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  • brass cleaning tool
  • bowl of your choice
  • organic cotton bag
  • two extra screens

use & care

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Plug on the bowl, put in herbs, fire!

Pull off the bowl, plug your doobie into the Saubi, fire!

Easy and highly functional.

Clean with ethanol, isopropanol or plant oil - rather not with water.
Also, use quality plant oil to treat the wood.

Change your screen by simply pressing it inwards on one side, making it flip up and easy to take out.
Put in the cleaned or a new screen to the desired depth, tops to the wooden edge inside the bowl.