Kailar carbon filters

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Carbon filters with vegan coconut charcoal and two cellulose caps - double filtering, Made in Germany.

Perfect for the Sauberschmauch.
Plastic free & packaged in paper.

Carbon filters..

.. are one of the reasons for which SCHMAUCH® pipes are that mild to enjoy.

As a high surface material, activated carbon absorbs the majority of condensates and harmful substances created within every combustion - therefore, the filter should be changed frequently.

In Kailar filters apart from charcoal you’ll find cellulose caps, double filtering the smoke, catching particles of coal and soot as well as absorbing tar.
Perfect for a schmauch with the Saubi!

How often change is due depends on numerous factors such as what, how much, how and even where you smoke, making it hard to generalise.

Rule of thumb: When the smoke gets scratchy again - change it!


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Slim size for doobies and the Sauberschmauch: 6,3 x 27mm