PURIZE filters

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active carbon filters with vegan coconut charcoal.
Made in Germany by PURIZE®

Carbon filters..

.. are one of the reasons for which SCHMAUCH® pipes are that mild to enjoy.

As a high surface material, activated carbon absorbs the majority of condensates and harmful substances created within every combustion - therefore, the filter should be changed frequently.

How often that is depends on numerous factors such as what, how much, how and even where you smoke, making it hard to generalise.

Rule of thumb: When the smoke gets scratchy again - change it!

Which filter size for my pipe?

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Regular Size filters:

  • Sir Winston’s Cigar
  • Old Pothead
  • Poker Pipe
  • Long Moroccan (main filter)

XTRA Slim filter:

  • Sir Winston’s Daily
  • Le Petit No.4
  • Sauberschmauch & Saubi Pipe
  • Long Moroccan (pre filter)
  • self-rolled ones


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Regular Size: 8,3mm x 35mm
XTRA Slim Size: 6,35mm x 27mm

Filter packs come in PE bags.
Multiple use recommended!

What’s special?

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The filters are plastic free and feature ceramic caps on either side.

Thus, you can only put them in the right way and won’t have to worry about melting hot plastic.