Le Petit №4

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Le Petit №4 - this little beauty only awaits accompanying your in your everyday.

This pipe crafted from finest briar wood smokes like one of the short cigars back from the good old days.

Welcome to the twenties!

Le Petit №4

This unique cigar-like pipe, which I woodturn by hand from a single piece of Italian briar wood will step up your smoking game ensuring awesome style.
Le Petit features a 6.3mm (slim size) charcoal filter giving you very mild, cool and dry smoke.

Thightly packed it offers several minutes of classy SCHMAUCH®-ing pleasure while you just hold it with your teeth and do what you do.

Comes in a cigar box made from upcycled MDF board including everything you need. For you to carry Le Petit whereever you go.

Comes with five 6.3mm filters, a cleaning tool made from brass and three 10mm pipe screens. Also, you’ll find an organic & fairtrade rubber band for securing the cigar box.

Light it up!


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box: around 5,5x7x3,5cm
pipe: around 6x2.2cm

filters: slim size, 6,3mm
screens: 10mm

what’s included?

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  • pipe with screen and filter
  • four extra filters, two extra screens
  • fine cigar box with FairTrade natural rubber for on the go

use & care

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The Le Petit smokes best with a rather tightly packed bowl - mixing what your like.
Bring in hash in small crumbs for an extra long smoke.

For lighting up I recommend a rotating movement, to set the herbs on fire full-surface.

With the amber glowing in short distance to the mouth, give it rather gentle and smooth puffs for a long-lasting, mild and relaxed smoke.

Clean with ethanol, isopropanol or plant oil. Rather not with water.
The polish will fade with time and you can treat the wood with high quality plant oil such as olive or linseed.

Change the screen by pushing it down on one side or pushing through the mouthpiece side.
Insert the cleaned or a new screens as deep as you like, tops till the wooden edge inside the bowl.