Long Moroccan

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Forty centimetres of highest SCHMAUCH pleasure, inspired by Moroccan Sebsi pipes.

Double filtered, maximally mild, perfect for hash and pollen.

Gently placed inside a handcrafted wooden box, closed by a hemp paper banderole.

Numbered small batch - now at No.11-34.

the Long Moroccan

.. makes your enjoyment of herbs a ceremonial culture.

Opening the box, you will find her embedded in spiral shaped wood shaving, which I make from box productions scraps.

Walnut, oak and brass melt into a unique design between steampunk and Moroccan tradition - inspired by their traditional long pipe shape (Sebsi) with a small diameter (10mm) bowl, perfectly suited for our beloved brown gold and the plant’s pollen.

The small bowl with a let-in brass burning chamber, pre and main filter as well as the long way the smoke travels combine for the mildest of smoking pleasures.

Measuring some proud 40cm this pipe enables a comfortable handling, that takes part in making it a sociable smoking experience.

Around the middle of the pipe you’ll find the main filter.
The upper brass connector holds together the pipe - when opening the filter chamber, its front part holding the mouth piece will swing aside on the rod, letting you exchange the filter.
Taking off the bowl, you’ll encounter the slim pre filter, rounding up your pleasure.



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Pipe: around 40x2x4cm
Box: around 45x5,3cmx2,7
Filters: Regular Size (Hauptfilter) and Slim Size (Vorfilter)
Screens: 10mm

What’s included?

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  • pipe with pre-installed screen
  • wooden box with hemp paper banderole - both handmade
  • five spare filters (each size) and two screens 
  • brass cleaning tool

What’s special?

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The Long Moroccan offers a unique handling and smoking sensation.
It is so long you can smoke it even resting your arm on the table or your leg.
Amazing for hash rituals and smoking culture celebrated together.