Old Pothead

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Carbon filtered  pipe with tremendous cooling power thanks to the 50cm long cooling coil.
Unique in design and feeling.
Delivered in a robust cotton SCHMAUCH®bag.

[oak & walnut edition]
№231+ come in sturdy oak & finest walnut wood, featuring a brass or copper cooling coil & burning chamber, seamlessly let into the wood.
Practically indestructible.

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The Old Pothead

Legend has it that smoking this most complex schmauching apparatus will instantaneously beam you back to the Victorian ages between steam engines and smoking chimneys.

A truly unique pipe, designed around the steampunk inspired idea of a cooling coil, which at 50cms really has an enormous impact on this one.

The Old Pothead is crafted from three woodturned pieces of Black Walnut or White Oak Wood, which are very durable species, featuring great tones of coffee with caramelly contrasts in walnut, and honey to amber with strong structures in oak.
The pieces are held together by a cooling coil handmade from brass or copper and fitted exactly to the bowl.

The smoke passes the charcoal filter first before entering the cooling spiral and finally, the mouthpiece.
Due to the long way and the coil measuring only 3mms inside, this pipe is characterised by a higher resistance when toking - and, of course, exceptionally cool and mild smoke.

Serially numbered exemplars, produced in small batches.
Choose your special number!

Comes with an artsy illustration showing how to change filters.

Handmade to last.


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  • pipe with five filters and two screens
  • illustration indicating how to exchange filters
  • SCHMAUCH®bag made from FairTrade organic cotton


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Compact and nice to handle.
Around 10cm length with 4cm width and height.
Chamber diameter of 13mm for 15mm screens, depth 15mm

use & care

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Clean it with alcohol or oil - better not with water.
You can treat the wood with any quality plant oil such as olive, hemp, linseed or walnut.

The spiral ist best to be rinsed with alcohol such as ethanol or isopropanol, e.g. using a small syringe.
For the filter being located before the spiral, cleaning will rarely be due.
It requires a bit more effort than a common pipe, but will in exchange reward you with a most beautiful smoking experience!

what’s special

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The cooling spiral bend by hand makes exceptionally cool smoke.
At first use, it might taste a bit metallic - that taste will evaporate immediately.
Alternatively, you can cleanse it first with alcohol (ethanol or isopropanol).

The illustration coming with it still bears my first brand’s logo.
For reasons of sustainability I decided against printing new (and trashing 900 pieces).
They now bear the SCHMAUCH® logo on a sticker made of eco grass paper.

filter exchange

Old Pothead Filter