Sir Winston Chill’s Cigar 2.0

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This symbiosis of cigar and pipe combines both their advantages with the sociability of a joint.

Composed of fine walnut wood,
crystal clear glass and golden brass.

Ultimate smoking enjoyment, sociable, stylish, tasteful.


  • now available in walnut & oak wood
  • flat & round mouthpieces
  • copper & brass pieces to choose from
  • improved thicker rubber rings
  • now screenless
  • improved box design for two glass tubes
  • the mouthpiece now holds the filter - both slim and regular size fits!

Sir Winston Chill’s Cigar

Legend has it that to this day still Sir Winston himself rolls every single one of these fine glass blunts by hand.

Covered by thick wads of smoke, with this mighty SCHMAUCH® device you will enjoy every kind of herb in the infallible style of Sir Winston Chill.

Simply slide the glass tube to the desired length, pack in as much as you want, light it up, give it a few good puffs and you're good to go.
Don't forget to invite your besties though, since this thing really takes in quite a lot of herb!
When ashes are building up, just give it a little twist and push and those will come off.
And now, enjoy!

Also suited perfectly for tobacco pipe - rumors say this gives milder smoke than even the best traditional tobacco pipes.

In the included cigar box, you’ll find everything you need: Filters, a cork for transport, space for spare parts and last but not least, your favourite herb.

important note:

the latest version released in February 2023 (serial numbers 300+) comes without screens and with thicker rubber rings.
Make sure to pick the right ones here!


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  • glass blunt in a wooden cigar box
  • four extra filters
  • cork for smell proof closing while transport
  • brass tool for cleaning

To avoid transport damages to the glass tube, it might come packaged separately outside the box.


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  • cigar box: around 8x13x3cm
  • glass tube: 9x2cm
  • wooden body: 1,5x11,5cm

use and care

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You can vary the filling amount by varying the glass tube’s length.

Turn the tube a litte while sliding it for maximum smoothness.

Sir Winston’s Cigar is best smoked with a medium firmly tamped herb mix inside the tube.
You’ll quickly get the feeling for that.

When lighting up, I recommend a turning movement as well, for firing up the chamber full-surface.
Whilst at it, give it a few good puffs.

If you wanna smoke hash in the cigar, mix it into the herbs in crumbs.

A little ‘dead end’, meaning some sacrificial herbs or tobacco at the tube’s bottom help a lot to keep the wood clean - plus, the tastiest part is before that end!

After smoking, I recommend wiping the warm residues in the tube with a paper towel.
You can also put it into the dish washer or clean with alcohol.

The latter, as well as quality plant oils, also serves for cleaning the wooden body.
Better not to use water on them!

Wood loves oil.
Give it some drops every now and then to take good care of it.

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