One world

Sustainability. What a big word, what a challenge!
How understandable, that many entrepreneurs avoid the topic - I mean, of course, such a loaded and threatening topic as recent and future environmental problematics are uncomfortable and thus bad for business.
The bad conscience makes auf shopping bag feel too heavy.
Even more important to set some priorities - here come some honest words.

We all are Earth.
We don’t have or own it, we here only for a brief moment in its continuous process of unfolding and becoming, guests to the infinite wonders it brings about.
For decades, probably centuries, it’s becoming ever more obvious how many of those wonders humans have destroyed with their anthropocentric behaviours and an underestimated overpopulation.
And honestly, we all are part of that and bring on this process day by day. It is not a question of fault or guilt as we already get born into an ecologically dysfunctional system, taking it for normality.
Just the becoming aware of it holds the possibility for a free will and an ethical decision. And as long as we don’t have the option of acting outside the given systems we should make the best possible decisions inside, shouldn’t we?

Responsibility for that again lies not only with each of us as individual consumption decision makers, but also with all entrepreneurs in enabling responsible decisions.

That, for me, is one of the central aspects about SCHMAUCH® as a business - and my life as a whole.
And honestly, it’s really hard! What’s right and what isn’t? What’s the lesser evil,  from what should I fully abstain? 
Is it okay to ship into all the world to make a living while at the same time trying to reduce emissions wherever it’s possible?
How much of their promises towards CO2 compensation do printing and shipping companies actually put into action?
Is it enough to relinquish tropical woods or shall I discard north American walnut as well?
And why the hell is hardly anyone transparent to origin and production of their materials?

As always when facing a huge pile of things and feeling beat by it, fact is: On step after another helps. Keeping focused on the goal while not forgetting that only the momentary way is real.
That is how I approach any business decision. Some basic rules helping me a lot; Use as few plastics as possible. Renewable energies for the workshop and CO2 compensation. Not endangering any species by overuse.
Less is more. Doing things once and right better than twice and wrong.
Working with people who share the own values.
Honesty - towards you as much as towards myself.
Being able to abstain from things, avoiding shortcuts at others’ expense. Again and again leaving the own perspective and especially: Asking others for their opinion.

Speaking of which: What can you think of? What do you perceive critically, what can I improve on? What did you have pleasant or nasty experiences with?
Be creative, be honest and please, help me in this mission with your voices.
Because you are part of the whole and I am as well. We all are Earth. We are on world.